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Phnom Penh from “31” floors

Its actually 26 floors but the elevator seems to have lost floors 4, 13, 14, 24 and 27.

These photos were taken at the newly Canadia Tower restaurant. The first photo is a panorama of the city stiched using Auto Pano Pro. The second two are of Monivong Boulevard and Confederation de la Russie.

Phnom Penh Pano

Panoramic of Phnom Penh from Canadia Tower

Monivong Boulevard

Monivong Boulevard from Canadia Tower

Confederation de la Russie

Confederation de la Russie from Canadia Tower

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Shameless plug

A multimedia piece that I adapted for the Global Post is online.

Check it out HERE.

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I now have apps on my Blackberry

I own a Blackberry Bold 9000. It has come pretty invaluable to my day to day life with the Blackberry Internet Service offered by Mobitel.
But one of the main problems is the lack of Applications that I can run on it. Blackberry’s AppWorld (kinda like Apple’s AppStore but with a pocket protector) is the only place I can get anything other than the default programs on my Bold but Cambodia isn’t supported by it.
Which pisses me off so I went trawling on the internet and came up with a workaround.
Its actually quite easy.. if you have Windoze.

I don’t.

Which meant downloading Parallels on a trial basis and installing it onto my Macbook Pro.

Here are the instructions:

1. Download the App World .ZIP file HERE

2. Unzip it to your desktop

3. Copy the files net_rim_bb_appworld.cod, net_rim_bb_appworld_resource_en.cod and JavaLoader.exe to the following folder depending on your Windows OS:

• 3.1 In Windows Vista “C:Users(Your User)
• 3.2 In Windows XP “C:DocumentsandSettings(Your User)

4. Start Command line interface (Windows Key + R and then type CMD)

5. Plug-in your BlackBerry

6. Type: javaloader -u load net_rim_bb_appworld_resource_en.cod

once done type next one:

7- Type: javaloader -u load net_rim_bb_appworld.cod

You should be up and running!

But there are a couple of issues I have seen online on several forums.
The first being that only the free applications are available. I have not tested this for myself as I don’t see any Apps that I particularly care to pay for.
Also, you can only use Data Streaming or WiFi to upload your Apps. Don’t know why but I couldn’t upload anything with WiFi turned on.

Since this is a photoblog, here is a photo of my Bold with newly downloaded apps.

Apps on my Blackberry

Apps downloaded on my Blackberry

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Tilt/shift lens hack

This is something I have done in the past but wanted to refine the design a bit.
Essentially, I took an old Medium Format lens and turned it onto a tilt/shift lens.
One of the great uses for this lens is to make everything look like a model. There are photoshop techniques out there that recreate this but its always better to do it outside of the computer anyways.
Lets leave that photoshop stuff to graphic designers….
And remember kids, always be wary of a photographer that say “I’ll fix it in photoshop” more than once a day.
No photoshop other than curves adjustment was made to these photos.

Construction at Gold Tower 42

Construction at Gold Tower 42

Independence Monument

Independence Monument

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