I make a really really big photo

Due to my work as a contract photographer for airbnb, I get access to property all over the city. Taking advantage of this access, I take a few frames after the shoot if they have a wide view of the city. Once I get home, I stitch them together for really wide views of the skyline.

Here is one of Binh Thanh district from District 2’s Thao Dien Ward.

Taken from 15 floors

Taken from 15 floors

This one is from Bui Vien, the famous backpacker street in the Pham Ngu Lao area.

Taken from 13 floors

Taken from 13 floors

I usually shoot these images at around 20mm to 40mm focal length which doesn’t make for large images. The most they run is 15,000 pixels on the long side at most.

Which takes me to the most recent attempt. I read about the Brenizer method in portraiture  and thought I could easily do that for the panoramics that I have been shooting.

Boy was I wrong.

Luckily, I had an airbnb shoot at the Copac Building in D4 a few days ago. I had shot in the building before and knew that it had a stunning northern view of District 1 and Thu Thiem, which is where the city has grand plans to build the new CBD. After the shoot, the host was gracious enough to let me shoot a total of 42 frames from her bedroom window. However, I decided to up the game a bit and shoot everything at 100mm at f/16 which gave tons of depth of field and let me get some serious details in each image.

Once I uploaded them, I brought them up in Lightroom and went to the Photomerge tool (Photo ->Photo Merge -> Panorama) and let the computer do it’s magic slog through the images. An hour later, I was presented with a rather cool stitched image.

Lots of white all around

Lots of white all around

Then I looked at the dimensions.

40,000 X 6000 pixels.


Easily the largest one I’ve done so far. And handheld. No panorama head at work here!

Adjustments in Lightroom, an export to TIFF and some light NIK adjustments, some Content Aware and a final crop took another 4 hours.

Here is the whole image reduced to a reasonable size.


And here is a 100% crop from the image. You can see the black box where I cropped it.

Talk about some serious detail.

Interested in some stupidly huge photos? Check out this link.


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