Its a cold day in the North

In Hanoi.

Its cold…

Its like England cold which is quite appropriate as I have just finished an article in the inaugural issue of the Word (kinda like a Time Out in Hanoi) in which the writer likens Hanoi with England along with comparing Saigon to America.

“If a Saigonese goes to eat street food and the vendor curses at him, you know, for taking too much space or not eating it fast enough, he won’t come back.
If a Hanoian does something and the proprietor swears at him, he will just take it. There is this mindset, “if the seller is that rude, there must be something good about the food”. And the rumor spreads and it becomes the most popular place on the street”

Other than the cold, Hanoi has been great. The service in the Heart Hotel has been top notch. Very helpful and very friendly. And no tours are being offered to us!

For some unknown reason, my wordpress account is not allowing me to upload photos from my new Macbook Pro so photos will have to get those when I figure out whats wrong..

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  1. Lois Lane November 18, 2009 at 2:55 am #

    Hanoi sounds nice! Did you and Sue bring enough fall/winter clothing?

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