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Since I have been back from vacation, I have been completely slack for the blog. Sorry about that.
Slowly getting back into the swing of things. Just a couple of photos from the trip that are worthy of posting but couldn’t because of my pano software being a little buggy. Now that it is fixed, I can give you a couple of panoramas from Syria.
First one is from Crak des Chevaliers or Qala’at Al-Hosn which TE Lawrence once dubbed “the finest castle in the world”(Thanks Lonely Planet). Amazing castle with lots to check out.
Second pano is of western Aleppo which is the second biggest town in Syria. Taken from the Citadel, you can see the massive souq or market below.

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In Aleppo for our last couple of days in Syria. We have decided that it would be best to stay in one country for two weeks next time. You miss too many things. That and we are sick of unpacking and packing for two days at a time considering how full our bag are!
Anyhoo, some photos from the past few days.

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