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Photos from past issues

Just wanted to put up some photos from past issues of Asia Life that didn’t manage to make the cut due to space constraints. I have also given some lighting setups to go with the images.
Fencing in Saigon

A side photo of the always fun Noelle Carr-Ellison who I met whilst at my former job at City Pass Guide. She was gracious enough to be my model for the occasion.

Fencing with Noelle

Fencing with Noelle

Lighting: Godox AC360 just behind me in a Paul Buff PLM with diffuser. Godox Ving 850 to the subject right in softbox, Godox Ving 850 to subject left in a softbox but raised higher up to her mask.

The AC360 was just pushed high enough to get Noelle barely lit. The light on her right is pushed a stop higher to give that nice rim light. The light on her left gives a bit of definition to her mask and also manages to touch the saber just a hair. Her face was brought up in post and everything was desaturated a bit to make the image pop.

Platinum Beer in Ho Chi Minh City

The second is of Michael, the man behind Platinum beer. I love shoots like this. Michael was a pleasure to work with and was very comfortable in front of the camera. That and the few beers we ::ahem:: tasted before the shoot made it even more fun!

Two shots, same lighting, different focal lengths.

Beer mustache

Beer mustache

A bit wide

A bit wide

Lighting: Godox AC360 just behind me in a Paul Buff PLM. Godox Ving 850 to the subject left bounced off a white wall, Godox Ving 850  behind subject on the keg in a grid.

I love how the PLM shapes the light and creates just a bit of a hot spot which I found I can kinda control by moving the flash in and out on the PLM. The light on his left just gives him a bit of definition which makes the subject pop.

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope you enjoyed the images and the small lighting notes as well!


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