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Breaking Bad

One negative aspect of living in Southeast Asia is that you tend to miss out on certain pop-culture elements from your home country. I remember when I came back from living in Cambodia in 2005 after being away from Orange County, California for a couple of years and having my sisters tell me that Orange County was now cool.

Luckily, the world is a smaller place thanks to the internet. Which brings me to my obsession with AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Crazy wide camera angles, ultra saturated colors, time-lapse makes it one of the most visually stunning TV shows out right now. I have linked a couple of greats interview with Michael Slovis, who is the Director of Photography, here and here.

One aspect of my obsession is constantly checking out websites on new information on the exploits of Walter and Jesse. Through these constant page clicks, I discovered the amazing photography of Frank Ockenfels, who has been the official promotional photographer for Season 5. His body of work is stunning and he is responsible for some of the most stunning publicity shots I have seen.

It’s not only his knowledge of photography that makes him an amazing photographer but how he manages to capture the moment that makes his images so great. So I end with another Breaking Bad image that makes inspires me in it’s simplicity and power.

All photos taken by Frank Ockenfels.

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Shots at the Independence Monument

These were taken awhile ago but thought they were worthy of putting online. These were tester shots for an upcoming that were taken at the Independence Monument at sunset.
Rick Valenzuela and Maria Jarina were kind enough to come along and be my models.

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