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Computer has taken a dump

Another chapter in the neverending saga of my MacBook Pro problems. Now the display isn’t working.
Now the list stands at 2 3 logic boards, 1 hard drive and 1 keyboard.
This is really annoying as I am mid-job and don’t know if I can meet the deliverables.
Not good at all.
So the blog is on hold until I get the computer fixed but I will still be taking photos so expect an orgy of photos in a week or so.

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My cat Betty

Every time I use my computer, one of my cats Betty has to establish that she is more important than my computer and shows it by plopping down in front of me and demanding attention. I think she also knows how to use the trackpad to get said attention so if I ignore her, she goes straight for it.
Currently, I am going through some photos taken today for a client so Betty is right here annoying me. So without further ado, a picture of Betty getting an ear scratch using the camera on my Macbook Pro.

Betty gets some loving

Betty gets some loving

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