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Canon EOS Experience at Raffles

Sorry this is a bit late but I haven’t been able to upload photos onto my blog ever since I got my new laptop.
So am on Safari for the first time in years to post this.

I had a chance to play with the new Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro IS L lens at the Canon EOS Experience Seminar at Raffles on Wednesday and Thursday.
Its an impressive lens which deserves the red ring that signifies it as an “Luxury” class lens. I wanted to see if the lens would be good as a portrait lens along with being a top notch Macro lens. The only drawback I experienced on the lens was the very loose focus ring which caused me to lose focus several times while in Manual Focus. It may easily be photographer error because of the very small depth of field f/2.8 allows at 100mm. So I guess I should say that I need to use the Auto Focus if I decide to get this lens!
There was an opportunity on Thursday morning with some models being brought out for the shooters. Here is a shot that really shows the sharpness of the lens.


Tight closeup of a model

I still don’t really understand why they did this as I was the only one of the participants that actually got to use one of the products that they were flogging. When actually thinking about it, I liken the experience of the seminar like going to Guitar World in Hollywood.
Anyhoo, another photo of the event.

Paparazzi at Raffles.

Paparazzi at the pool

Paparazzi at the pool

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