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Dried Fish Factory in Mui Ne

Photos of a dried fish factory while on a work trip to Mui Ne.


A worker in the factoryFish waiting to be cleanedFish being cleaned before being cookedCooking the fish in salted waterThe cooked fish are then placed in the sun to dryDrying fishA worker puts the fish out to dryA worker in the fish factoryTaking a shower


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A really wide lens

I have been commissioned to shoot an event in Battambang for IDWA. It’s an interesting pilot program where they are teaching mine awareness through hip hop. From what I took today, it is a great program that should get more exposure.
Along with taking photos of the event, I got some great audio to hopefully turn it into an audio slideshow. So to the two or three people that read this blog daily, it will be up in the next few days.
Anyhoo, to the title of the post. I got a chance to shoot with the Sigma 12-24 lens (aka “Popeye” for its huge front lens element). I used to own the lens about 4 years ago when I first bought my Canon 20D but since sold it when I had a chance to buy a 17-35L from an AP shooter in Phnom Penh.
Now that I primarily shoot with a Canon 5D, it was interesting to put the lens to a full frame camera.
For those not versed in the geek camera cabal that I happily belong to, the Canon 20D has an APS-C camera sensor which means it has a 1.6 focal multiplier. What the hell does that really mean?
Well it means that the sensor that captures the image is smaller than regular 35mm film. Which is not good if you are shooting in ultra-wide but is an asset if you are shooting long (or telephoto) which means you effectively have a longer reach for photos.
Now, if you have a full frame sensor and have the Sigma 12-24, you get some pretty interesting compositions.
Big ups to Heng Chivoan from the Phnom Penh Post for letting me shoot a couple of frames with it.

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New slideshow

Taken when Rick, Tracy and I were at Preah Vihear a couple of weeks ago. Too bad I don’t have the video premium account so I can embed it here (though I thought since this was a journo account, I could….).

It pays to google sometimes. My mistake.

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