How to trigger a camera using a Godox Cells II

Here’s a quick tutorial for remotely firing a DSLR’s shutter using the Godox Cells II transceiver and a Godox FT-16S Trigger.

First off, you will need these components:

  1. Camera with a remote shutter release port  – I am using a Canon 5D Mark II
  2. Speedlite flash – I am using a Godox V850
  3. 2 Godox Cells II transceivers
  4. 1 Godox FT-16S trigger
  5. 1 Godox FT-16S receiver

Set one of the Godox Cells II on the hotshoe of the camera for “Camera” and “RX”. Then you need to put the Godox FT-16S trigger on the hotshoe located on the Godox Cells II attached to the camera.

You will need to get the other Cells II to “Camera” and “TX”. This will be off camera and will be the trigger that will fire the camera.

As you can see from the picture below, it’s not the most attractive looking setup but it works. And in High Speed Sync!

Also, if you have another Godox FT-16S trigger, you can manually control power levels as well!

A bit inelegant but it works!

A bit inelegant but it works!



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